Abraham Roofing & Siding Images

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Abraham Roofing & Siding Images
Abraham Roofing & Siding Images
Abraham Roofing & Siding ImagesFrom your very first look, you know its something special. Something unique, different from any other siding product youve ever seen. From a distance, youll notice the solid, thick plank construction that looks strong, durable. Up closer, the distinctive grain reminds you of a fresh cut board hewn from top quality cedar. Then you pick up a plank. You can feel the strength of its construction; sense its toughness. Rubbing your hand across the boards face, you almost expect to come away with a splinter. We call this finish CedarTouch, the most natural and realistic look and feel in any man-made product. But where it really counts? Where the beauty and durability of this innovative siding product truly shines through? On your home. Enhancing the view. Protecting against the elements.
Abraham Roofing & Siding Images
  • Details:
  • Two profiles: 4-1/2" & 6-7/8" single clapboard style in 14 deep, rich colors
  • Thickness: .22" (nom.)
  • 5/8" Panel projection
  • Length: 12' planks
  • EZNail hammer guide to speed installation
  • Low-gloss CedarTouch finish provides the look and feel of real cedar
  • Everlast offers two trim collections Premium Everlast Color-Matched Trim which is available in all 14 deep, rich colors and white cellular PVC trim* which cuts and installs just like wood

  • Technology:
  • Proprietary triple composite of polymer resins, inorganic minerals, and acrylic colorants
  • Extruded for superior dimensional strength and stability
  • Co-extruded with a UV-stable color cap with outstanding fade-resistance
  • Manufactured to exacting ANSI-accredited standards*
  • * American National Standards Institute


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